Today we woke up around 7 am for breakfast at 8 am. We had some delicious pancakes with orange juice, ready to start the day ahead. Our CAP Project that we are working on involves helping paint and decorate the Project Miriam Center. They need to attract young women in need and the location has to be more noticeable and easier to find. Project Miriam is a feminist non-profit organization. Since today was the first day for our CAP Project we split into groups to buy the supplies needed for the afternoon. Our supplies consisted of paint, primer, brushes, stencil, tape, etc. We truly want to help aid the Program, so teamwork, communication, and organization was a huge part of this project.

When we arrived at Project Miriam we had the mindset of getting the job done efficiently, since we have such little time. Groups started to paint the columns and the gate white, as desired by the Project Miriam workers. We had help from volunteers too, which was greatly appreciated. The painting was lots of hard-work due to the height, number of paintbrushes, and coats. For the stencil, accurate measures and design was set in place to replicate the Project Miriam logo correctly. Everybody was focused and on top of their game. Unfortunately, heavy rain started to fall and we had to leave the site a bit earlier. We are really hoping that the paint didn’t wash off the bricks since we have such little time and really want to leave our mark here in Esteli, Nicaragua. Nevertheless, we are determined to finish project and see the faces on the founder of Project Miriam and all the wonderful workers and volunteers.

Wish us good luck!                                                                                                                                                                             Nani & Christie 🙂