Today was our Negocio day in Aquiares and Turrialba. Some Glimpsers began their day at 5:30 am for a run to a noisy river, while others went for a refreshing morning swim. In our role as leaders, Carlos and I had the opportunity to guide our Glimpers for a very informative and interactive day.  A community member named Mario opened the doors of a 400-year-old Catholic Church where we learned the importance of the church’s role in the lives of the community of Ticos (Costa Ricans). From the church we hiked up to Ceiba (a 120-year-old tree), viewing acres and acres of the Coffee Plantation and the breathtaking landscape of the town of Aquiares. Following our journey through the coffee plants and rocky trails after learning how coffee is processed, we settled back at home base for a lunch of Carne con Verduras y Arroz. Our delicious meal gave us the energy for our next adventure at Finca la Florita, a cheese artisan farm. The Glimpers Grace and Emeraude milked a cow, and Catherine and Nikki made fresh cheese. We also had the chance to try 3 different kinds of cheese made by Klara on her dairy farm. Through her enthusiasm, passion, and willingness to share the detailed aspects of her farm, she gave us a great opportunity to learn… all in the rain! On our long day’s journey through the humidity of the morning to the rain at night, our Glimpers did an amazing job learning, adapting, and immersing themselves in the local businesses within the community!
Now, we are passing the torch to tomorrow’s leaders: Destyni, Antonio, Maya, and Grace. Let’s GO!

¡Pura Vida!
From Mayah and Carlos, the first Leaders of The Day from Los Angeles in Costa Rica!