Hi! I’m Jenni, with an “i”. (:

I go to Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California, and this is the first year my high school is doing Global Glimpse. In a way, that makes me even more pumped to go on this trip because there are no “spoilers” (don’t worry, I didn’t read the previous trips’ blog posts).  I am really looking forward to learning about the culture and lifestyle in this city and seeing how I will change, but at the same time, it makes me anxious knowing that I will be immersed in a different environment than the one I’m used to.

Something I love doing is performing; I act, dance, and spin flags and weapons! I also love working on DIY projects related to room decor and making films. During my spare time, I like to gather my friends and go on adventures or just any type of event. I am so excited to meet everyone going on this trip, especially since everyone from our group will be coming from the two coasts of the US!