Greetings parents!

Today we experienced indigenous culture and learned a lot about how people appreciate what they have today. It was a busy day with us being behind schedule but we still managed to do all of our activities and got the most out of our day.

I challenged my peers to sit next to someone whom they didn’t normally talk to throughout the day and that brought us closer together as a group.

First we visited Victoria, who weaves various products such as sweaters, blankets, and wristbands. We were all very touched by Victoria’s house and how she let us get hands on experience with what she did. We took full advantage of every moment, and the bravest of our group even tried guinea pig (cuy).

We got a little sneak peak of Ecuadorian dances, having fun as a group. At the end of the day, we were all appreciative of Ecuadorian people showing us their culture and we hope to explore more of it.

As leader of the day, I was so focused on my peers and making sure they were hydrated, that I forgot about drinking water myself. This showed me how to be a good leader and not just worry about yourself.

Parents, your children are having a good time enjoying every moment of our trip. When they go back home, they will be more appreciative of what they have.