Today as a leader for politics day it was a very busy day. Today the Glimpsers were informed about Ecuador’s government and how it affected the country in several ways and also why Ecuador is in the position it is in now.

We met two people from an organization who are trying to make a difference in not just their community but for the world. This was an amazing experience and it made my friends and I  more aware about what is going on in the world. Then later on in the day the Glimpsers got reconnected with the kids and the leaders of the  CAP group and we discussed our plans with them. This was an amazing opportunity because the smiles on the leaders and the kids face were amazing and they knew that they can trust us with the project that we made up for them. Ultimately we can see that today was a great day for everyone and we learned a lot about how important itdownloadfile-11 is to be a community.

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By the way, we tried Cuy (guinea pig) today!











Shout outs:

Alex: Hey Mom and Dad, everything is going really well here and it is a total blast. I can’t wait to see you guys and tell you all the details. Love ya!

Malik: I love you mom and Ashley. 🙂

Hector, Country director: Shout out to all the parents and fami ly reading, your kids are great!

Sha T. : Hey mom and dad, I’m doing fine over here. Days here have gotten easier and I’m being the son you wish me to be.

Felix: Hi guys! Sorry for no calls yet. I’ll call soon. Miss you!

Ray: Hey Mom and Dad all is well!

Sara: Hi momma and dad it was nice talking to you. I m iss you guys so much.