Good Evening!

This is Anthony. As leader of the day I can not give you just one highlight of this day! We started out with debates about the world’s use of oil and moved on to learning new things from a wonderful person named Roberto (with a strong R), Gaby, and Cessi from an organization called “Utopia”. We also met bright people from the local markets selling their fruits while we went on the scavenger hunt.

Not only do I want to highlight my day as a leader but also including previous days in which I met this wonderful 13-year old kid named Nelson who actually helps prepare meals for us. He is always eager to learn a lot from us and actually takes time out of his busy days to learn. Being nervous was one of the main challenges I  attempted to overcome throughout the day as the Leader of the Day. It wasn’t easy being a direct leader since you actually have things to keep in mind. You need to not only lead your team (we are like family already) onto the right path, but you have to remember many details. There’s much more to just leading people. You have to keep in mind wolves always roll in packs and they rarely leave one behind. So that’s basically the same role you have as leader, keep your pack together and don’t leave anyone behind.

Our theme for today was Global Business which basically says it for itself. Global business in my own words is business in which countries connect economically and when one depends on the others. Hey, I might be wrong but your opinion is never wrong (ha ha). Today’s main takeaway was noticing how local markets grow/create there own things such as fruits, vegetables in addition to things such as ponchos and nice homemade sweaters made from the local environment.

In conclusion, being the ELDD ( El Lider Del Dia ) was actually fun and was a great life experience. I was able to see how it was for public speakers to interact with large groups. Although I did not go through what most public speakers go through, it was difficult. It’s difficult interacting with people you do not know. However, leading this group of people has been very rewarding since I now thank god for meeting them. I don’t know how I’d be with a different group. It was amazing being able to lead people who are great to interact with. Although I was nervous and found it a bit difficult finding words to explain what the next activity was. It was overall awesome being the ELDD. Thanks for giving me this opportunity and giving me the privilege of leading the group today. Oh and take a glimpse of my leadership role and give me your opinion.

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