Today we had a day of action and our theme of the day was History. The day started with a wake up call and a delicious breakfast…we were full of energy and ready to start our day: we had bonding activities where we got to know the team better, our culture and orientation seminar with the super fun and famous cultural awareness Dominican ‘jeopardy’ game: we gained knowledge about the Dominican Republic history and culture at the same time than having a competition. After having the typical bandera for lunch (a dish formed by rice, beans, salad and meat representing the colors of the Dominican flag) we got to know the youth ambassadors that will be collaborating with us and we had our first walk around Bonao and its history: the city tour. Going through the city we learned about when Bonao was founded, who were the main rulers and what are the most iconic parts, for example, La Voz Del Yuna, which used to be the 3rd most popular radio in Latin America. Our tour ended with enjoyable ice cream and some bonding games with the ambassadors. Finally, we had time to share and reflect about our day and what we discovered and we learn about how to be a leader of the day: an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and develop our leadership skills. We started living like a local by 8.30pm by having no electricity or running water.

It was a day full of surprises and many more to come! This is our (hi)story.