On our third moring here in Jinotega the theme was Politics.  After a super yummy breakfast, we spent the first part of the morning participating in an engaging and informative academic seminar regarding politics.  Glimpsers learned about the impact of national Nicaraguan politics and discussed the impact that these politics have on Jinoteganos.

CAM01368We walked to the fabolous comedor, Buffet La Familiar, and ate a scrumptuous lunch.  We then walked to Dr. Jose Rizo’s home.  Dr. Rizo is a former vice president of Nicaragua.  Glimpsers were very appreciative of having this opportunity since we have not been afforded any similar experiences like this at home; that is visiting the real home of a vice president in the US.

In addition to being a gracious and hospitable host, Dr. Rizo offered Glimpsers many insightful vignettes and political anecdotes.  As we sat on the veranda with its full view of the plush, green Jinotegan Hills and La Pena de la Cruz and a garden full of exotic fruit trees with wandering peacocks and chickens, Glimpsers posed various questions to Dr. Rizo.  Dr. Rizo stated that he was very excited and pleased to see so many youth interested in leadership, travelling and politics.  Here are a few words of wisdom from Dr. Rizo:

*If you learn more than one language, you will be ahead of the times and out of ignorance

*Always read and seek knowledge for yourself

*Stay connected to your core values and maintain self-integrity at all times.  People only become corrupt when they do not have any core values.

*Honor your education and make good use of it.

CAM01367After our cozy conversation, Dr. Rizo gave us  tour of his home.  Glimpsers had the opportunity to view rare pieces of art and see various awards, a hallway full of political satire comics directed at Dr. Rizo (which were very funny), and a huge assortment of artifacts that Dr. Rizo has collected from all parts of the universe.

I am grateful that we had the tremendous opportunity to visit such a well informed and influential Jinotegano.  I am sure that not only will Glimpsers remember this visit always but Dr. Rizo’s words, advice and warmth transformed them!!!