Hola from Nicaragua! Today me and my peers went to Masaya, known as the capital of art, to explore the culture and somewhat experience a day in the life of a citizen of Masaya. We began the day with a 3 hour bus ride to Apoyo Lake, a giant crater lake where we took a bunch of photos. Shortly after visiting the lake, our group went to explore the local market to buy souvenirs for friends, family or themselves. We then got back on the bus and took a short trip to the city, and visited the Masaya market, it’s located in a huge building which encompasses an entire block. Shopping at the markets finally gave us a great chance to practice our bargaining skills with the local vendors. After that we made another bus journey to the Masaya Volcano, it was an amazing experience. The volcano was so scenic and it was the first time many of us stood at the top of an active volcano. Today’s field trip gave us the chance to see and appreciate the beauty and wild of Nicaragua. I enjoyed being leader of the day for today’s field trip, it was a somewhat difficult job, but with patience the responsibility gradually became easier. The Jinotega team is a group of special people and I’m really looking forward to the future field trips and events with my group!