The Bay Area Delegation before we head to Newark to pick up our three east coast friends!

Hi all,
As you may have already heard, our flight from SFO to Newark got delayed so much that we missed our connecting flight to Santo Domingo. Rest assured, we will have a hotel to sleep in, food to eat, and great company to pass the time.

Please enjoy these pictures of our journey so far, even if it’s just in the airport!


Jess and Annie

The GGLs are ready to go!


We played a lot of team building games during our three hour delay!


We finally made it on the flight (even though we would sit on the tarmac for another hour).


Our Program Coordinators (PCs), Irene and Jorge after they found out we missed our flight. We are sad to not meet you today as well!


We were so happy to pick up Thais and Diana in Newark! We are now just waiting to meet Thao.


Andrea and Jenny have been keeping us giggling.