From business and microfinance seminars to a shirmp larvae factory and the beach, the day was filled with excitement and a looming bittersweet feeling. Like any other day, breakfast was served at the infamous Quiero Mas, and was preceded by a group discussion on the pro’s and con’s of owning your owmn business or working in a factory. Then a panel of speakers from the Peace Corps came and spoke to us about what microfinancing was and how helpful it was to people in third world countries, relevent since Leon is filled with tons of microfinancing groups. Shortly after lunch the real fun began.
We embarked on a thirty minute bus ride to Farallon, a shrimp larvea factory that breeds and cultivates shrimp larvae which are then sold to another factory the continues its life cycle before ending up on someone’s plate. I never expected that “shrimp factory” and “interesting” could ever be used in the same sentence, but it turns out I was completly wrong, and I’m glad I was.
It was after the factory field trip and our arrival to our beach hostel that the realization hit that this amazing trip is coming to an end. As friends walked on the beach, took photographs of the beautiful sunset and ocean, a feeling of sadness took over. While on this trip we ‘ve met amazing people from all walks of life, heard heartwarming stories and accomplished what at a first glance seemed impossible. As the hours passed and night approached, our leaders decided to surprise us with a bonfire at the beach. Although the first few attempts were unsuccessful, the wood finally caught fire and the flame glowed bright in the dark night and it was perfect, symbolic even. Like that flame, our trip started off slow, but then the excitement grew and now at the end it begins to dim. While I know that all good things must come to an end, I never expected it to feel this way, and again, I’m glad I was proven wrong.