Today marked the completion of our first week in Matagalpa! What could be a better way to celebrate this magnificent milestone than a day to travel to a chocolate castle, a waterfall, and an Italian dinner.

A warm hello to all friends and family of our wonderful Glimpsers. My name is Jai, today’s El Leader Del Dia.  We did a total of 3 major things today:

  • The Global Glimpse group first took a trip to the chocolate castle where we learned about the formation and shipping of chocolate
  • The group ate exquisite Matagalpan delicacies and took a cold dip in the river near the waterfall
  • We closed a great day with an amazing Italian dinner…Pizza!

The first picture accurately depicts the memories that we will share of the chocolate castle.  We enjoyed sweet chocolate made by the Matagalpa citizens.  They’ve passed down their unique method of creating chocolate from the cocoa fruit and we got to see their technique in person.  However, we will all soon be making a trip to the dentist because they produced an incredible array of chocolate that really pressured our sweet teeth into buying many of the chocolate bars as “souvenirs”.


In the second picture, the group is seen walking on a pathway that travels behind the waterfall giving it a very adventurous look and a memorable moment of our time in Matagalpa.  At the falls we enjoyed an incredible Matagalpa delicacy for lunch.  To finish off a fantastic lunch, we all took a dip in the freezing river.  We all had fun having “our” version of a photo shoot at the waterfall.


After a long day traveling to the chocolate factory and then being adventurous explorers at the waterfall we were very hungry.  What could be a better place to satisfy our hunger than a delicious Italian Dinner?  PIZZA!  The Global Glimpse Group ate through a whopping 7 whole pizzas with an accompanied drink of each glimpser’s preference.  One important thing we learned today is that we are a very photogenic group.


We share our “sweet moments” with everyone.  The laughs and smiles we had today are sure to last and stay with us for the rest of this trip.   Stay tuned for the next blog post!

From all of us here in Matagalpa, VIVA MATAGALPA!!