Greetings Family and Friends!

Today we woke up earlier than usual in order to host a guest speaker. The guest speaker informed us on opportunities Trias, an organization dedicated to helping grow small businesses which focuses on empowering women and youth, by distributing support to certain regions of the world. Trias also provides financial aid and allows for self-sustainability following the end of their economic support. When our guest speaker concluded we resumed our day by attending breakfast at Roma Santa once again, where we ate some delicious homemade pancakes, with a side of choclo (corn), and some beef. Afterwards we returned to Hotel Tren Dorado where we prepared our clothes for our first laundry day that was much needed, then proceeded by having an energizer where we did the impossible. For this energizer we picked each other up by only using 2 fingers (4 people, 8 fingers total) with ease. Proceeded with a seminar focusing on thanking and showing appreciation towards the donors and people that contribute to the Global Glimpse community by writing letters. Finishing our letters we were able to have free time where we divided ourselves into groups; some went to an internet cafe, as others explored the supermarket being our first time going grocery shopping.

Having gone grocery shopping we returned to the hotel transitioning our day to lunch at Roma Santa. At lunch we were welcomed with a meal of chicken and rice along with ceviche soup and fried yuca. Our day was then followed with some more free time where we once again were split up into groups, this time with intentions of helping the community. Some went to the local shops and to an internet cafe as the rest of our leaders went around the city in search of supplies in order to begin the Community Action Project (CAP). The search commenced but we ran into a few difficulties taking longer than expected splitting us into two groups, more than half went to teach English as the others concluded with their search.

Later being reunited for our nightly dinner at Roma Santa we were presented with a delicious soup that reminded us of home, made to keep us healthy. After we finished our delicious meal we headed back to the hotel and had our nightly meeting where we regarded the activities we accomplished today, then passing the torch to Aleksys and Grace in preparation of our first day working on CAP.

Hope you all enjoyed reading our post.

Keep in touch.

Yours Truly,

Gary, Nestor, & Bryant.

P.S. Miss you moms and momma llama. (Not Marissa, we love your comments)!!!!!!!!!