Hola familias!

Today was our last full day in Panama. After waking up early and heading down to breakfast with luggage in tow, we had a bittersweet last breakfast in Las Tablas. After saying our goodbyes to the hotel staff who took care of our needs for the past 2 weeks, we finally left to head towards Panama City.  The long bus ride went by quicker due to the feel-good music and group sing-alongs. (some people slept through it!).

We had lunch at Niko’s, a typical Panamanian lunch chain, where most of us got something like rice beans and meat for lunch (as usual). Next stop was the Canal!!!!!

Upon arrival, the security guard told us there were ships passing through right then! So we rushed up to the fourth floor – the observation deck to see a few ships passing through the locks of the canal.  These little cars seemed to pull the ship into an area, where the locks behind the boat would close, then the water level would drop with the boat in it getting it ready to move to the next station. Considering that this is one of the seven wonders of the modern world, it was quite a sight to see! We then checked out the museum which displayed the multiple phases of the canal’s development and history ranging from the French exploration to the current widening project. The museum was super interactive and engaging! We even got to experience a simulated drive through the canal from a ship’s point of view.

After arriving at the hotel, we had a 3-hour reflection session.  We talked about how we’ve changed, how we feel about the experience overall, and how we can keep the Global Glimpse spirit alive once home.

We are all exhausted and ready for bed! (Especially since we need to wake up extra early for our flight tomorrow).

See you all tomorrow!!

Your líder del día, Reedaniel