A meal with friends in Aracely’s home.

Tuanni, the Nicaraguan way of saying cool perfectly describes how today was. Today I, Joseph Santos was the leader of the day. Our essential theme was Aid and Development, we went on two fieldtrips one to an organization called FUMDEC. While the other to a leader of a community, her name was Aracely. We later learned that Aracely had close connection to FUMDEC. Aracely had been able to create a prosperous business with the help of this organization. She explained the struggles she faced and how she overcame them. Not only was her story inspiring, but she showed us hospitality like no other. One interesting aspect of our trip was how she made homemade cheese. This was her main export, not only was it fresh, it tasted great. Overall I learned a lot about how small organizations like FUMDEC, can really make a difference in a community. Not only did they provide aid, but they educated the individuals on how be prosperous in running a business. In addition to running a business they taught them how to become stronger leaders in the community. I’m most proud that my peers were able to see and establish a connection with Aracely’s struggles. Not only did her story inspire many of them, it gave them a unique perspectives. Someone once told me, ” The head is heavy who bears the crown”. I kept thinking about this quote over and over again, inside my head during this trip. One thing I learned from being, “El Lider Del Dia”, is you have to be prepared for whatever may come your way. Being a leader is no easy task, people rely and depend on you. But being a good leader is just leading a group, its establishing a connection with each and every individual; making decisions on what’s best for the group. The thing that I learned about myself, is I have a long way in becoming a good leader. But with the experiences I had so far, I’m getting there.



A group picture of the beautiful scenery surrounding the village.


Having fun with friends in Aracely’s village.


Playing with Aracely’s bird Coco.