20150618_100959In order to become leader of the day I had to sing and dance to “Let it go” from the movie Frozen. It was a competition between Lorenzo and Coco vs Me. I’m proud to say I earned the hat after embarrassing myself because (to let you all in on a secret) you would never see me on American idol.. haha.

On a more serious note, today was one of the most impactful and strongest days we glimpsers have had do far. Poverty day was really a slap in the face for most, if not all. We started off the day by waking up at 5:15am after having breakfast and then we had an academic seminar. The purpose of the seminar was to prepare us for the reality challenge we were going to confront later in the morning. On the way to the community we were silent in the bus to reflect individually  and in respect towards the people that live there.  The community seeing us laugh and be excited could be taken in the wrong way and we could’ve offended them unintentionally. We first took a trip to Dona Francisca’s home.  She is a  76 year old warm hearted  person who  shared her amazing and impactful story  with us. She told us about her background, struggles, and how it is to live in the community. We then witnessed where the people who live in this community work. This was the strongest moment of the day. As the garbage truck rode down the muddy, rocky path all of the workers walked quickly so they could get the most valuable items left, followed by the dogs they own whom search for food to feed off. Keep in mind, before it reaches the dump others search through the trash so these people  have to work twice as  hard and they  still don’t make enough to be able to start a new life, one much more healthier than the one they live in.

As the garbage slid off the truck a black mist of flies appeared from the floor of the dump. Walking through all the garbage and taking in how it is the home of people was an emotional moment. It definitely affected  every individual in the group in a different way but we all did feel very blessed, grateful, and fortunate for we have back home as discussed in our self-reflection.  We also realized how serious education should be taken.  While walking through the piles of there were many obstacles to overcome. I felt very proud and was happy to see one of the three  C’s demonstrated by all the glimpsers was compassion. Someone in the group would let the others know to be careful or watch their step.

The reason why I chose poverty day to be leader of the day is because it is a huge issue all over the world . It makes me very sad and resentful how the government doesn’t do much about these situations. I believe more should be aware of poverty and figure out ways to decrease the amount of people who live or are born into these unfortunate conditions. Apart from this, today’s theme I figured would be a huge eye opener, and I wanted the challenge and responsibility of being a leader. There are many minor details to take into account. It makes one realize how GREAT our program coordinators are for all the work they do. It also helps to apply one’s leadership skills and improve. I loved how it felt to help Beverly, Stuart, Bridget and Henrietta to ease stress on them.

Today we learned quite a lot of information. It was a very tough experience. But apart from that we also saw how although these people live in not so great conditions they learn to cope with it and aren’t ashamed at all of the job they have. One speaker shared, “my favorite part of working in the dump is how we are all united and have fun.” They are searching for plastic, paper, aluminum, etc. It is amazing how much love they have in them that that is all they need to be happy.

After the dump we learned that there are organizations that help out vulnerable children . Visiting El colegio mas Vida we met 10 children ranging from the ages 4-10 who come from communities where violence and alcoholism are a huge problem and experience it on a daily basis.  However, through the organization  they gain educational opportunities they would not normally have.


In conclusion, today was filled with unforgettable images and  eye openers. It was a hard, emotional day overall  but we soaked in the information and feel waaaay more grateful for how fortunate we are.



Messages from a few glimpsers

Jess: S/O to my family and Gabe😍, today opened my eyes to a new perspective that made me realize how much more grateful I am for you guys & how irrelevant problems between us are, miss and love you all. I’m having so many new adventures i’m excited to tell you guys all about as soon as I get back ! Btw I enjoy your guys comments.

Vivian: S/O to my sister Thy for actually reading the blogs and commenting. I cried when I heard it today 😢. Also relay this message to Mom, “Hi mom, con nho me lam tai vi o day con an beans moi ngay. Luc con ve nho lam cho con an bun Bo hue!” 😍

Claudia: S/O to my family for commenting on the blogs and don’t worry I’m doing the activities & having an amazing time. Also to my boyfriend Jesus, everyone waits to read your comments cause they are funny. I love you guys & I’m counting down the days till I’m home.