After a long flight we were happy to see all the Glimpses for Guaranda 1A make it safely through customs and onto Ecuadorian soil!

It’s late so we waste as little time as possible to make sure everyone is feeling well and has all their belongings, then we jump on the bus for the hour ride to the hostel. It’s always hard to get a sense of a place through night-time driving, but as we pass into the valley of Ecuador’s capital, we’re able to make out some of the colonial architecture in the streetlight.

We arrive in the old town about 1.30am and make sure everyone gets what they need before they head off to bed to get some rest – we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow! We’re looking forward to sharing all that Ecuador – and Guaranda – have to offer, including spectacular volcanic views on the bus ride.

But for now, as we say in England, we’re ‘nackered’ and need to get some rest. Stay tuned for the first blog post from Guaranda tomorrow!

Joshua (Guaranda PC)