Hello families! Today you are hearing from the new Leader of the Day America Tapia. We got the chance to sleep in until 9am. Due to the activities all week we were needed up early so when we finally had time to sleep in today we were already used to the routine and many of us got up early anyway. Around 9:30am we walked to the restaurant to have some breakfast where the kind owner and workers made us eggs with bacon and a side of bread. This morning there were no activites planned for us so we spilt up into two groups in which we got the chance to explore the town of Guaranda. My group of 10 went souvenir hunting and then had the chance to call our families at the internet cafe as well as trying some amazing milkshakes. The other group of 9 students went first to the paint store to check prices for materials for our upcoming project at the FAE school and afterward got shakes and a hamburger with a side of fries. Then that group did some souvenir shopping and returned to the outdoor fruit and vegetable market named 10 de noviembre to restock on tropical fruit.

After some lunch, we returned to our hotel where we prepared for our tutoring classes. When we arrived at the school where we teach, we got a surprise. We were unable to get into our classrooms because of the graduation going on.  So, we improvised by having an outdoor lesson. My experience with tutoring has been really amazing, all the kids are so funny and cute in the way that they take learning very seriously and have fun with it. By talking to my friends, I know that most of them feel the same way about teaching as I do.

Back at the hotel we had a lesson about rural poverty which was very eye opening. It is surprising and mostly amazing to learn that many people live on $2-3 a day where as in the USA we complain about our situation. Another eye-opening fact was that some kids, not only in Ecuador, are not growing the way they should because of the lack of nutrients due to  food shortage and a limited diet. In fact I have noticed some kids here who are very small for there age.

We then had our regular nightly meeting were I passed the torch to our new leaders of the day tomorrow. To earn the right of leadership, the next day’s  leaders must always show their talent. Mike and Derek were “Un Poco Loco” in a hilarious act where they danced and played Andean flute and a harmonica, chugged water and stuffed potato chips in their mouths. The grand finale was cracking a dragonfruit on their forehead and then slurping it up.

Its an early day tomorrow so goodnight to you. See you in about a week!

America Tapia