Hello family and friends! As you guys know our flight has been canceled and we won’t be home until Tuesday morning but we didn’t let that stop us today. Today we went to a motocross race! We had so much fun watching the dirt bikes going around the track. It was interesting to watch the different age groups go around the track; here in the D.R. it is legal for kids as young as 7 years old to drive dirt bikes. We ate lunch at the motocross, and then returned to Dilenia’s after. Some were feeling a little sad and homesick due to our canceled flight so we decided to have a dance party to lift everyone’s spirits. We had so much fun. Then the dance party became a big game of Hide-And-Seek in the comedor. Julia is a really good player! In today’s Unity Clap, our word was “flexibility”. Although the day didn’t go as planned, we learned that as leaders we must be adaptable. It is important to remain positive to make the most of any circumstance. We can’t wait to see all our loving families Tuesday morning.

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