In December of 2015, 17 students from 11 different schools received a letter of acceptance to Global Glimpse. As the months passed by in preparation we learned about the trip we had in store. On June 7, 2016, the day of anticipation had finally arrived. All 17 Glimpsers arrived at the San Francisco airport tired, but ready to venture to Jinotega.

As soon as we landed in Managua, our life-changing journey began. No workshops could have prepared us for the next three weeks. As we explored the beautiful city of Jinotega, each Glimpser exemplified growth in their leadership skills. The 17 of us slowly grew into a family, a family that set out for new knowledge every day.

There were tough days, and “fun” days, and sick days. Yet through it all, the group remained positive ad appreciative of the amazing opportunity we were all experiencing together. Each Glimpser contributed their own characteristics that made the group who we were. From Thu’s humor to Evelyn’s laugh, and of course, Zach’s survival tips, our group was ready to take on anything.

There were so many significant moments in this trip, making it very difficult to recognize just one. Some of the Glimpsers wanted to contribute their favorite moment of the trip. “One of my most memorable moments was going to see the locals in their houses. We got to see how simple life was for them” said Chris Cromosini. Another Glimpser said “one of my most memorable moments on this trip was taking the tour through Somoto Canyon. It was exhilarating and terrifying, but at the end of the day I was proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone. The canyon was also absolutely beautiful and I will never forget it.” -Sean Tseng. Karely Valdez Lopez said that “one of the most memorable moments was making plates at the clay spot because there is only three in the world and it’s crazy how we were able to experience that. Also, I loved visiting the high school because everybody is so nice and it made me appreciate my education like everyone at the high school!”. Lastly, Quimay Nguiyen stated “The moment that touched my heart the most and really changed my perspective on everything was seeing the dump. Not just the dump itself, but it was also an environment and home community to some of the poorest locals in the city. I will never forget what I saw and will definitely appreciate everything I have way more.” So many of these moments and more brought our group together. We were able to learn new things and develop new skills. As well as develop experiences we will hold with us forever.

This was a life changing trip which opened all of our eyes. It showed us how privileged we are, but it also showed us you can be happy without materialistic items. It really put our “problems” into perspective.

Before I end this post I would like to thank our leaders who made this trip possible. First John, thank you for holding such a positive and humorous attitude constantly (and for being my vegetarian buddy). Next Hannah, thank you for continuing to inspire us every day and filling our brains with useful knowledge. Debbie, thank you for all of the late nights, doctor visits, and planning that you did for our trip. And Lastly Indira, thank you so much for your constant smiles and being so strong. You are all great role models and we appreciate the time you gave so this trip could be possible! Lastly, I would like to thank all of the parents who gifted their children the opportunity to go on this life changing trip.

That’s a wrap! See you all in a few hours! (Don’t forget us, SFO 12:15)

Also Happy Birthday Alyana!