Today was a lot of fun! Everything was completely different than America from the air, food, and building structures. We started off the day with a “surprise” which was going to the Cathedral, which we walked by during our initial city tour, to view the Catholic Church. Also, we got to climb to the top of the building to get an aerial view of the city. It was so pretty to see mountains, farms, and the city’s brightly painted houses with a nice breeze that made you never want to come down.

After going to the Cathedral, we played games to get to know each other better. One of the games played was “Guess the Name.”  This is a game that a sheet divides two groups and once it dropped the first person to guess the name correctly won a point. A while later, we played hand games and a remix game to Charades.

After group activities we headed out in small groups to travel around the city. Each group was headed by a couple ambassadors to help us navigate safely and efficiently. While traveling around the city we ate ice cream, watched baseball, and went to the supermarket, mall and more. We were really able to connect more with our ambassadors because we got to interact socially, learn more about their lives, as well as explore other parts of city that we wouldn’t have known without them. Today was a very exciting and enjoyable day that made the Chicago group feel more connected to San Juan like it’s our own.