Anthony (who writes in a monotone :P) — To begin, leaders of the day woke up at around 6:30 to get ready and prepare to wake up the rest of the group at 7:00. Some lag occurred when people forgot to bring their money, so we ended up leaving at around 7:45. A two and a half hour bus ride led us to the beautiful Villa Miriam, a free waterfall pool. There were both man-made and natural pools all around the mountains. Seeing the waterfall and the lush forest around us was a breathtaking site. The explorers who climbed up to the mountain were able to see the largest waterfall and dark cave behind it. After playing for an hour or two, the group (switching to Claudia, who has emotions) – took a short trip to the La Tienda de Larimar, a Larimar mine and gift shop. There we got to listen to the two owners, a husband/wife combo, explain how Larimar was discovered and the process of turning a raw stone into a polished, beautiful jewel. After, we started our activity: making custom Larimar jewelry! As endless the possibilities were for creating the jewelry, the sky was the limit for the price that it came with. Yash was almost charged 2000 pesos for a ring! Good thing he got it lowered by quite a lot, courtesy of his Indian heritage. Others, however, were not so lucky, myself included and also around 98% of the students (pretty much all except Yash). After splurging on our Larimar jewelry, we quickly headed back to the hotel to get ready for our CAP (Community Action Project) panel meeting. Although we had little time to prepare for the presentation because we were short on time, our delegation put our game faces on and gave an amazing presentation on our CAP proposal. I’ll just give a quick summary of it because I’m sure others will talk about it. Our idea is to help renovate Guanito’s (our Living Like a Local community) park to help promote the safety of the children and make the children happy. Happy children equals happy parents. After that, Onaney rewarded us with an abundant amount of homemade pizza! Which was quite delicious and reminded me of the first meal we had at Onaney when we arrived in the DR, which was also pizza. To close out the day, our night free time consisted of a mini-photo shoot with Victor’s camera, Eric running and scaring the living daylights out of me, and Eric, Victor, and I doing knuckle push ups on the tile ground (Yash tried but couldn’t get to the push up position, maybe sometime in the future). Thus, the very eventful and fun day (*ahem* Anthony) lasted like that till the very end. Today is definitely a highlight of this trip.