Today started like most other days except for the fact that we had a camera crew following us around to make a video about Global Glimpse. We woke up at our regular time of 7:15 and went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant Quiero Más. Before leaving a few members of the group helped out in making PB&J’s for our packed lunch that we were going to eat after climbing the volcano. For breakfast we had a new variety of eggs with avocado, tortilla, and our regular rice and beans. From breakfast we loaded all our stuff, including ourselves, onto a private bus and made the hour long drive to Cerro Negro. on the bus we listened to a variety of music dependent on what the bus driver was feeling like listening to. The songs varied from Céline Dion to Enrique Iglesias. Although many people were hoping to get a little rest before making the hike up the volcano, the road was too bumpy so many people were unable to fall asleep. Despite that most of the group was egger and excited to climb up the volcano and couldn’t wait to get started. After everyone had the chance to use the bathroom we all had to make a choice. We could choose to carry a board up the volcano and board down or not get a board and just walk down the volcano. All except 4 people decided to get a board. Once that was all settled we had to wait a little while before we actually started up the mountain. During this time many people took pictures and enjoyed a little bit of down time.

Then came the hard part of the day: the hike up to the top. Most of the hike was on loose little sand sized rocks which made it difficult o keep your balance. People kept slipping a little but they eventually found their feet and were able to keep going. Although we all assumed that the hike was going to be hard it turned out to be much easier than people first expected. On the way up we only had one break and yet people didn’t seem to tired and once we reached the top everyone was so happy to have made it all the way. At the top everyone was taking pictures and having a great time admiring the view. The camerapeople were taking pictures of the group and we were all relieved to be standing at the top of the volcano.
Then the best part of the hike up which was the trip down. So for the most part people had chosen to board down the mountain and only a few of us decided to walk down. Although I did not personally board down the mountain I heard that it was a lot of fun and definitely worth doing. Walking down was an experience all of it’s own. It is hard to call what we were doing walking because for the most part we were just sliding down the mountain on our feet. It was a great experience and everyone who walked make it down ALIVE… and everyone who boarded also made it down. Then everyone ended up back on the bus on our way back to Léon.

Personally for me I thought this day was going to be a big struggle because I am not the best hiker and I though I would be falling behind the group all the time. It didn’t turn out that way which was great because this made it way more interesting. Coming down the volcano by foot turned out to be harder than expected but I made it down which I was really happy about. Overall today for me was full of overcoming fears and having fun though you might be scared. I was glad to be leader of the day today and hope the rest of this trip is as good as it has been so far.