Hi all, we hope you have been enjoying our daily blogs because tonight, were back with a new one and its super exciting!

To start off the day, Glimpsers were woken up at six a.m. and were served a delicious breakfast by the one and only, LisaLot. After eating, we boarded our bus, driven by Javier and went on a 2 hour ride to 27 Charcos en Puerto Plata at Los Saltos de Damajaguas.

When we arrived, we quickly put on our life vests and helmets (Thank God! Because a lot of us are terrible at swimming, yes we are talking about ourselves, LOL!) At first we went hiking as a group to the waterfalls. After, we went down four water slides, once again, thankfully,  protected by our life-vests and helmets. During this experience, many of us overcame our fear of heights due to us jumping from 15 feet cliffs into the water, Yeah we said it, 15 FEET Cliffs!

But do not worry we were all safe!

When we arrived home, we prepared to teach our English tutoring class for about 30 minutes and began our classes at 5 pm. After we ate some dinner and soon after, we began our letters to Global Glimpse Donors. In our letters, we shared information about ourselves and  thanked donors for their contributions.

Finally, we ended the night with our nightly meeting and now we are here.

We hope you enjoyed this blog, its 1052 pm and were signing offfffff!

Much Love,

Anijah and Ashley