Hola amigos y familia! We are back once again on day nine. Today was Adventure Fun Day! We got to explore the beautiful natural reserve, Ebano Verde. The glimpsers woke up at 7:00 am and ate breakfast at our wonderful hotel. After a one hour bus ride we were introduced to our two lifeguards Ariel and Daniel. A short presentation was given by one of the rangers, Rildes, about the flora and fauna of the park. After the short introductory presentation we prepared to go on a hike lead by Rildes. We enjoyed the breathtaking view of the green, beautiful mountains of Constanza. Although the glimpsers were out of breath and clearly out of shape. We were jumping over muddy roads and strolling through grass filled paths,but had a positive mindset and attitude throughout the tiring hike. Overall the team supported each other even if some fellow glimpsers were not able to join us due to sickness. It was all worth it once we got ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch provided to us by Hotel Mi Casa. After lunch, we headed towards the river! It was at this point during the trip where we saw everyone come together and were encouraged by their fellow peers to get out of their comfort zone and jump into the water. After spending an hour or so in the water, we dried off and prepared to board “ La Princesa” back home. After freshening up, we split into small groups to discuss and continue planning our Community Action Project (CAP). We made final touches on our presentation to present to the community leaders of Rio Grande. After some hard work and long time of ideas and planning, we had an amazing dinner. After our dinner we went to the school where we teach locals English, unfortunately only three students showed up. Although not many students showed up, the glimpsers laughed and had fun. We came back to our hotel to reflect about our adventurous day and we not only passed the torch to our next leaders of the day but passed on the good luck.