Hey what’s up you guys it’s Itzanami Cortez, Marisol Jimenez and Janiel Baladad. Today we had Adventure Fun Day. Our day started off by heading El Arroyazo, where we were able to swim in a natural spring pool. We were able to play with a beach ball and took a lot of group pictures. The water was freezing cold but we had a great time.

After our short trip to El Arroyazo we headed back to the hotel to get ready to visit El Divino Niῆo.

Once we got there we walked up to see the monument of baby Jesus. We got to see the whole overview of Constanza. We were able to take pictures of the view and there was also a room where we were able to write and pray to our loved ones that have left us. Our Global Glimpse coordinator also gave us a brief history of the making of El Divino Niῆo.

Upon returning to the hotel we prepared to present our community action project to the organization we are partnered with, Magic Futball Club. We had ups and downs with figuring out our project but overall, we came to the conclusion with a project that will benefit the community and organization.

Overall being LDD’s for Adventure Fun Day was a success and was a good experience to test our leadership skills. It was a great experience to see the city as a whole.

We will see you in 5 days, love you all!

Itzanami, Janiel & Marisol