Hola familia y amigos. Today we had the amazing opportunity to explore the wonders of what Constanza has to offer us. To start off the extraordinary day, we had a fresh start at 7:20 am. After breakfast, we departed to Ebano Verde Resvera where the guest speaker, Amaro Elias, spoke to us about different species that are found in the reserve. The drive was about 2 hours long up a narrow and extremely bumpy road. Then, we enjoyed a peaceful hike with our fellow peers and lovely PCs & GGLs. Around 1pm, a majority of us got inside the swimming hole at the bottom of the waterfall. The slightly cold water was the perfect compliment to the hot weather. Everyone took tons of pictures (we’ll show more when we get home). After a nice swim in the river, we headed to Divino Niño that’s close to 20 minutes from the hostal. We enjoyed a beautiful sight overlooking the city of Constanza from the top of the mountain. Although it seemed that the group has been through the whole town, Constanza looks enormous from above. Fellow glimpsers were finally able to visit one of the only gift shops in Constanza. We all took the bus home and freshen up for the CAP panel with the members of the Cañada de las Palmas. We presented the logistics of and ideas on building the basketball court. Afterwards we ate dinner!! Sorry there aren’t any phones at the internet cafes.