Today’s Adventure fun day started at 6:30!! After having a delicious breakfast we walked a couple of blocks to Antojitos, which is a place that rents transportation where we all loaded up on the back of a “safari” (back of a truck). On the safari we drove to Ebano Verde which is a natural reserve where we got to swim in a river right next to a beautiful waterfall. Even though the water was very, very cold it did not stop anyone from getting in and swimming. After about an hour and a half of having fun in the water we came back to the hotel to eat lunch and shower.

Afterwards we had a seminar about our community action project and went over strategies on how we can most effectively help the community of Barrio Las Flores. Then after a quick change in the schedule our PC‘s, Paula and Francis, took us to the near by super market to buy some snacks and gave us our first opportunity to spend our Dominican Pesos. After walking back to the hotel to drop off our treats we then walked to Marlon for a pizza dinner!  Along with pizza, since it was Francis’ birthday we had cake for dessert. Then after a quick nightly meeting and handing off the torch to tomorrow’s “Lider Del Dia,” Dymphna, it is now time to go to bed in preparation for another fun day tomorrow.