¬°Bienvenidos todos!

Welcome everyone! My name is Da’Vonti and I would like to welcome you to my day as lider del dia on Adventure Fun Day.

At 6:30 am, many people woke up tired but it was surprisingly easy, thanks to the upcoming fun at the beach. For breakfast, we ate pasteles (aka empanadas) with fruit, and fruit juice. I was very excited to eat Dominican pasteles and was very satisfied with them even though they were different from the empanadas we eat in the states. After breakfast, we got onto the gua gua and took a long ride to the beach in El Quemaito. On the way, I had a lot of fun asking questions from our 200 question packet but we all ended up catching up on our sleep.

After two hours on the gua gua, we finally stepped onto the beautiful beach in El Quemaito. Even though there were hot rocks in place of the sand we have in the states, the cool, clear, blue water alleviated the pain. Before swimming, we also bought jewelry made out of larimar which is a rock that looks a lot like the ocean and is only found in the Dominican Republic. Swimming was really fun and a relief from all the hard work we have been doing these past days. At noon, we had lunch on the beach which was rice with corn, meatballs, and cooked vegetables. We stayed at the beach for a little longer until 2:30 pm when we packed into the gua gua and returned to our accommodations at Onaney.

After another two hours, we arrived at Onaney to get ready for our CAP (Community Action Project) presentation. In this presentation, we showed the panel of locals from Loma de Yaque, out plans to build the sidewalk for the school. We received great feedback from them and also ate a great dinner with the locals which included mangu, ham, fried cheese, eggs, and lime juice.

Being leader today taught me the difficulties of being a leader and the importance of responsibility and focus. The presentation also made me very proud of the group because we did a great job and the locals were very appreciative of our effort to improve their community. Even though I was nervous about being a leader on such a mobile day, I appreciated the leadership experience the day provided.