Rise and shine, everyone! Adventure Fun Day was a day for exploration, memories, and well… FUN.

Today we woke up bright and early at 6:00am. Our breakfast consisted of sausages, mangu(mashed plantains with onions), pineapple & papaya, along with a glass of fruit punch. Then at 8:00am, we rode the safari trucks up to the mountains for a 40 minute hike to the waterfall, Aguas Blancas. As we made our way up the curvy and bumpy road, we got the opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking view of the luscious green fields and small towns. We also saw many animals along the way such as roosters, pigs, cows & bulls! Once we made it to the top of the waterfall, we enjoyed a beautiful view of farmland and crops surrounded by mountains. Then, we got to take many pictures before heading down to swim in the freezing water of the waterfall.

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for lunch. For lunch, we enjoyed a bowl of soup that contained beef, chicken, plantain, and yucca root with a side of rice and bread. Also, we had two types of dessert today: dulce de leche and sweet eggplant.

Next, we jumped onto the bus and headed to El Divino de Nino, which means “the divine child.” Not only did we get the chance to visit the gift shop and see the statue itself, but we also heard the story of why the statue was built and what it represents. While we were there, the group participated in an energizer called “Big Love” and answered questions in order to recharge our mind and body. Afterwards, we drove back to the hotel and spent our free time finalizing our presentations for the Community Action Project(CAP) in El Barrio de las Flores.

Our “free time” was followed by dinner; we munched on fried salami, veggies, and another type of mashed plantains. Before we nightly meeting, we had a quick 30 minute break. During the nightly meeting, we discussed the usual: brief summary of the day, thorns & roses, pluses & wishes, question/quote of the day, and big love. In addition, we reviewed the agenda for tomorrow- Immigration Day. As we are typing this up, it is free time! Bed time is in 15 minutes… We better head to bed now!

Wow, time flies by fast! Overall, we believe that we’ve all definitely blossomed in the past 10 days. T-Minus 4 days until we come home! See you guys soon :))-C3A