Hello family and friends,

These are your leaders of the day, Myrthe, Grace and Michelle Nie. Today was an exciting day that everyone looked forward to after the days of humidity and sweat. It also really challenged our mental strength and drew us out of our comfort zones. We went to a tourist attraction near Puerto Plata where we jumped off waterfalls and slid down a couple of waterslides. Although many of us were scared, we all supported and cheered each other on to help overcome our fears. First when we arrived there, we were instructed to suit up into our safety gear with life vest, helmets, and water shoes. Our guide was particularly humorous about “Dominican minutes” and how much he loved us within the first minute of arrival. We then took a long 30 Dominican minute hike up to the beautiful waterfalls and slides where we started overcoming fears, bonding together, and overall just having a great time and admiring the beautiful surroundings. After our adventure, we were treated to a lovely buffet and COLD water to drink. That was AMAZING! Once our adventure was over, we took a TWO hour bus ride back bopping to some throwback jams all the way home and putting chips into people´s mouths while they were sleeping.

We had a little CAP seminar where we discussed ideas and choose what we wanted to do for our CAP (Community Action Project) before presenting them in front of the panel which will occur on Thursday.

As the day comes to a close, we just wanted to say that we LOVE YOU and MISS YOU all very much and a special shout out to, Harry, Ellie, Mom and Dad (as well as Rugby and Ziggy), Mama and Papa Bellers, and my big bro Tycho, and Mom, Sammi, and Z.

P.S. We will be trying to call home on Friday July 6, likely between 7am and 9am Pacific Time, but since we have such a large group, students may be calling any other time of the day so please keep your ears open for some phone calls!