This is another blog coming today from Leaders of the Day Karla, Hector, and William. Today was Adventure Fun Day! We visited the waterfall Aguas Blancas. We woke up at 5:30 and then woke the rest of the people up at 6:00. For breakfast we had eggs, pork chop pieces, mango, and mangú (mashed plantains). Soon we saw the safaris pull up. That’s a truck that has open outside seats in the back of it. Everyone had fun on the ride. Some people were even singing. The ride was really really bumpy, people were flying over the place but we still had fun.

Once we got to the stop we started hiking. There were a few stumbles and falls, but we all made it through safe and sound. We stopped at a few views on the hike, then we came back down from it and walked down to the waterfall. The water was really really cold, but almost everyone got in, went under water, took pictures, and some just put their feet in the water. Everyone was hyping William to go underwater, he eventually went under and everyone was happy.


We stayed a little while until it was time to go back to the hotel. We got back into the safaris for another bumpy ride, but it wasn’t so bad. We (in Safari #2) tried to race Safari #1, but we didn’t win. Safari #3 was so slow that we didn’t include them.

We got back to the hotel and we had lunch which was white rice, chicken, beans, and a cucumber salad. We then had a seminar about how to write letters of appreciation for Global Glimpse supporters. We wrote our first drafts and everyone did really well. After that there was free time and everyone was allowed to leave the hotel and explore until 6:30 because dinner was at 7:00.

For dinner we had nacho chips with salsa and quesadillas that were filled with chicken and cheese. We had thirty minutes of free time, then we had our nightly meeting. Melissa and Yailyn became the new Líderes del Día, we gave each other big love, and had our unity clap. Now it’s bed time. Good night y’all!

— William, Hector, and Karla