Sancocho made by our Glimpsers!

Today, we all woke up bright and early at 8:30 am and were greeted with a hearty breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and papayas! Because of the weather, instead of hiking up mountains, Brian and I planned a whole day of team bonding activities. At 10:00 am, we started our planned activities which included a spa day and a “Masterchef” style cook-off. The cook-off consisted of four Glimpsers (Jose, Kimberly, Wayne, and Analisa) went head to head to create the best Sancocho for the whole group for Lunch. They were all given the same ingredients and a time frame of two hours- in the end, there was no winner because they were all amazing and we couldn’t come to a vote!

Amir singing his heart out at Karaoke Night!

While the four Glimpsers were cooking, the rest of the Glimpsers had a spa day in which we brought two nail artists to do our nails (gel nails for 5 dollars… crazy)! We were then blessed with lots of free time to explore the town- some of us went to the barber to get haircuts, some of us went to the baseball field, some of us even went to the grocery store to buy snacks (which they didn’t share with us). The highlight of the day was when almost ten of us camped up in a fellow Glimpser’s room to watch the football match. The room may have smelled like feet but it was amazing to see all of us bonding over a soccer match (France won)!!

All Glimpsers enjoying some ice cream!

Once free time was over at 4 pm, we all headed to Johnny Tactuk’s pizzeria where we rented out a private room with a projector and speakers and had a movie night- and pizza- where we watched a classic Dominican movie called Perrico Ripiao. Once the movie had ended, we all had a small dance party and karaoke session in which we all danced and had lots of fun! Once we were all drained of energy, we all headed over to an heladería for ice cream and milkshakes! Once we got home at 8:30, we had our nightly meeting and headed to bed at 10:30.

Brandon wrestling John John!

All in all, Adventure Fun Day may not have been a day of adventure, but it sure was a Fun Day.

Shane hitting the high notes at Karaoke night!!

(PS: Props to Brian, my partner in crime for planning this awesome day!)