Hola family and friends!

Today was quite an adventure. We all woke up at 7:00am only to find out that our beach trip was sadly cancelled because of a tropical storm so our plans changed. Instead we had a free day. In the morning, we worked on a self reflection for living like a local day, wrote appreciation letters to people who donated to the Global Glimpse program, and completed a mid trip evaluation. On to the fun stuff, after lunch we divided up into groups and went into the city with our ambassadors. First, most of us went to the supermarket and bought lots of treats. 🙂 Then our ambassadors took us to a beautiful arena, where we snacked our life away. After snacking, we danced it all off. We taught the ambassadors some American dances like the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide. Then we played tagaround the arena and had lots of fun. Later, we walked to the San Juan Mall where they had a new cinema and watched Oceans 8 in Spanish. It was quite an experience. Good thing some of us had our Spanish speakers next to us. After we finished the movie, we went back to our hostel and had a delicious dinner of fried cheese and potatoes. YUM!! To finish up the night, we had our nightly meeting and passed the leadership sash to Sebastian and Jaeda for Global Business and Deconstructing Poverty Day.

Overall, we learned that being flexible is an important part of life and this trip. Always look on the bright side of things even when faced with a tropical storm.

Peace out ya’ll from Ericka and Malia! 😀 Sending love from SJ1B <3

P.S. We’re all healthy and safe 🙂 See you soon!