Today started with an extra early wake-up call to prepare us for our adventure of the day. Right after a delicious on-the-road breakfast, we had the amazing opportunity of going to the Larimar shop/workshop in the Dominican Republic. We started out with a presentation from Global Glimpse supporters Maria and Cesar. We all gathered and learned about this unique stone which is only found in the Dominican Republic and the process in how the stone is made and its fascinating history as well. Together we gathered and received a stone in which we had the opportunity of customizing our own stone and even looking at already made and polished stones we could purchase if interested. In the end, we all went home with pieces of this unique and special Larimar stone. We stuck together through the heat in the shop and stayed positive and very interactive with each other.

After the visit to the Larimar store, we hopped back onto the bus and made a trip to Playa El Quemaito. We all kicked off our shoes and went straight to the clear, blue water, almost surreal to the eye. The scenery was beautiful, with smooth stones instead of typical sand, as well as tall palm trees that offered shade after a long time spent in the sun. Glimpsers enjoyed sodas and coconuts and bonded closely together, along with the ambassadors and some young locals. Overall, Playa El Quemaito and the trip to the Larimar store was a Dominican Sunday well spent.