Hey yalll!!!

Today was so much fun! We started it off with an early morning by waking up at 7:30 AM and had a hearty breakfast. We then headed over to Saltos de Jima and played a few Olympic games to get the energy flowing. We then hiked 2 miles to a beautiful cascading waterfall. We spent over an hour at the waterfall hanging out and taking in the amazing scenery. Most of us agreed that the experience was both healing and spiritual.

After the waterfall, we headed back to the accommodations for lunch and played lots of card games whilst listening to the roaring thunder and lightning. After this, we worked on our CAP pitch presentation posters that we will be presenting to a rural community tomorrow. This is a project we are working on in which we present a plan to the community where we will be expanding and adding on to an existing cafeteria (snack bar) and benches for people to be able to sit and watch the baseball game. We are very hopeful that we will make connections and that we will propose a project that will be sustainable (and that our proposal go well tomorrow)!! After dinner, we had a nice campfire where we roasted s’mores and sang songs while some of the glimpsers played the guitar.

Overall, being the leader of the day taught both of us the responsibility involved in leading a large group of people. Even though we were bossing around our friends, we felt empowered and compelled to lead the group in the right direction. We all had a blast today and are hopeful for tomorrow’s working like a local day, stay tuned!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox