Hey all!

I’m so ridiculously excited to be able to share this amazing journey with you all & good-ness it’s coming up fast. I have a packing list in my head but haven’t had a moment to do anything with it, I pretty much have my life booked every day from here until August!

Things I will miss: taqueria burritos, going to bed at 9, & most of all my doggy cuddles, buuuuutttttt….. I’m getting out of two weeks worth of house-work (so thanks for that!)

Things I am excited for: to meet you all & grow & learn together. To check out the amazing city of Salinas & hopefully maybe get to taste some fresh cheese? & to sleep on the plane ride back!

Brendan sent an email out to all of the Glimpsers on our team & Brendan, Carlos & I have been calling you this week, if you haven’t heard from one of us, be sure to reach out so we can make sure you’re on track with everything! Please email/call/text me if you have questions, comments, or concerns, I will do whatever I can to help make your trip easier, more comfortable & more fun!



This was our last group photo from our trip to San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic last year!