Today the Global G’s had an Aid and Development Day where we took two field trips to not only get a glimpse of what it truly means to live life like a local, but to become more appreciative of the things we have.yes

For our first field trip, we went to Federacion de Campesinos (farmers federation) with our guest speaker Esteban Polanco, who talked about the importance of assisting your community and knowing when to take a stand for what you believe in. He placed an important message to the Global G’s about encouraging others to fight for what is right. After hearing from our guest speaker, the Global G’s got the opportunity to walk around and see how the farmers of the federation used their natural resources; things like bamboo, banana trees, animals, other plants; in order to build things, eat, drink, and more.

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On our second field trip we visited Bejuco Aplastado, an area where many locals are living one day at a time. Seeing life as a local in the Dominican Republic through the told experiences of the locals opened our eyes to reality. We had an emotional and interesting conversation with the locals on ways the Global G’s could assist them on any of their specific needs. By the end of the trip many minds were not only blown, but open to how amazing it is that people can still show a smile on their face while struggling through the everyday challenges of surviving.

fun timsBeing the first el lider de dia (leader of the day) for our fourth day on this trip was pretty nerve-wracking, but learned to overcome it with the help of my GG leaders. With their guidance of what to do as a leader they allowed me to feel comfortable to approach them with any questions. Throughout my whole experience as leader of the day I must say that although it’s a lot to remember between keeping the group in check and drinking their water and being an example as a glimpser, it was a way to really get out of my shell even further and get the opportunity to know the true meaning of leadership.