Today we got up at a reasonable time (7:00 am) and took a tour of the El Chorro community. Something very significant about this community is that it used to be one of the worst towns in Constanza. Because of past aid projects that failed. Since then the community has been able to improve on its sustainability. They did this by having a set goal and following through with it. We talked to Carlos Corcino about how he built up their community. We visited a school and a community center which provided an education and a place for the community to come together.

After that, we came back to the hotel and ate lunch. After lunch, we sat and talked about what our CAP project would be for Villa Poppy. We all decided that we would build the community a playground because this is something the community wants and needs for the children.

At around 3:45, we walked over to our English tutoring classes. We did some prep and then we began the class. Afterward, every Global Glimpser felt better about their teaching abilities. We all agreed that we were more prepared and ready to teach than in our first class. We came to the hotel and had some free time. We all played Mafia and took some naps. After this, we had our nightly meeting and passed the torch to our new Leader of the Day.