Today was another day that we got to learn more about an important issue involving countries around the world: Aid and Development. We learned how countries all over the world support one another.

Our morning started off with a delicious breakfast that included jam, toasted bread, and avocados. After we were done with our breakfast as a group, we began to talk a little more in-depth about how Aid and Development are important in order for a country to keep developing. Around half an hour later guest speakers from three different organizations came to talk to us. We were split into groups to get a chance to listen to the stories of those who volunteer in these organizations. In my group, we got a chance to talk to Felix, a man that has been a volunteer for Plan International for 13 years now. The main focus for his organization is to help prevent youth pregnancy and to protect youth rights.

Before we headed over to English tutoring we took a mini trip to our CAP project site. This year we will contribute by building a community house where children will get a chance to learn and spend some time with other kids from the community. Not only will kids be able to spend time here, but other organizations will have also have the space to come together and plan future projects for the community. We spoke to some of the volunteers and got an idea of what we could do as a group to help build this community house that is important for the people in the area. I’m really looking forward to next week for our CAP project!

Later that day a lot of feelings started to rise up for all of us. It was our first day of English tutoring and all of us were feeling many emotions. Some of us were nervous, scared, anxious but at the same time, we were all excited to teach for the first time. We were all separated into different groups according to language levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. I was tutoring the beginner class since my students were eight to thirteen years old. I was really excited to start teaching my students because I personally love spending time around little kids. Although it was sometimes challenging for Susan and Jocelyn (my partners)  and I to get the attention of the class, it was a very fun experience. I’m glad we will have more tutoring days!

Lastly, as always we had our nightly meeting where we discussed what happened throughout the day and about Aid and Development. It was now my time to pass on the Leadership Torch to Tamiyah. Now, that my day as a leader was over, all I could say is that I had a great time being a leader and having this amazing opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.