WOW WHAT A DAY!!!! Today was our Aid and Development Day where we were able to open our eyes to the world in so many different ways. With questions concerning sustainability, worldwide ecology, and the various effects of foreign affairs, our group started the day by visiting a local organization in San Victor; DominoONG. Our guest speaker Marcos Antonio, was more than happy to share his passion and complete dedication to our planet. His passion was clearly genuine and the knowledge he shared was priceless. We were all able to take into account how extremely important it is to respect and protect the environment we live in. From composting our table scraps and reusing our utensils to using the most common, but unnoticed, resources straight from our own backyards. The lessons learned from this experience will not go to waste.

The second part of our day consisted of an experience just as valuable; our first day teaching English classes!!!! Here we were able to see, first hand, how our aid could make a difference in the lives of so many people. At first everyone was nervous to take on that teacher role, but once everyone got started, it was all smiles. To be able to help a variety of people of different ages, lives, levels of literacy was an extremely unique learning experience. Even with all these differences, the one thing each of our students had was their passion for learning. The sight of people so excited to learn brought all of us to value, once again, the effect we would have through something as simple as teaching a few students.

Overall, it was a great day full of new experiences and eye opening adventures, and I would like to thank the super awesome GG leaders and my extra amazing group for helping me get through this as the second Leader Of The Day.

All the love,