Our day began at 7 am.  Today, was Aid and Development day and we took a trip to Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso. we met Esteban Polanco one of the founders and main leaders of this nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting the livelihood of farmers from Rio Blanco. The federation is the umbrella organization that unites 20 local rural communities to organize and fight for rights to their lands and promotes initiatives to help improve the quality of life of the campesinos.

While arriving at the Federacion de Campesinos hacia el Progreso, Esteban gave us a tour and showed us how coffee was made, a rabbit farm, a mountain goat and where he plants his products. A few of us tried the coffee and loved it very much. We all bought a bag of coffee because the only way to get it is by buying it in the farm. Esteban talked about his story and how he risked his life physically for a great cause and save their land. When we arrived back to the fundación we had free time for 1 hour and a half. Some of us went to the supermarket, some stood at the fundación and some went to go buy supplies for our CAP project.

After meeting with Esteban Polanco we was inspired by his story and was ready to start out CAP project at Ninos con Esperanza.

From, Giovanni and Fanny