Hey everyone! It’s Natalie, the 3rd student leader of the day. Today we had cereal and fruit for breakfast! We usually have beans and rice, so it was a nice change. We learned about aid towards Nicaragua. During our seminar, we learned that the U.S. cut $62 million in assistance to Nicaragua only because Nicaragua became led by a former Marxist guerrilla leader. Afterwards, we walked to the women’s co-op, called Mujeres Ambientalistas, translating to Women Environmentalists. It is an organization lead by single women, with children, some of whom left their abusive relationships. These women create recycled paper, journals, bookmarks, posters and more. Many Glimpsers bought their cool products, including myself. These women also have a club for children called EcoKids, where they teach the kids about the environment, nature, etc. The co-op was created over a “miniature dump”, and now helps and inspires the surrounding community. We learned that it has received a lot of aid from various, international organizations. Some made the buildings, while others the donated supplies and money. After learning the history, students got to learn and create recycled paper. It was a really cool and simple process. After the co-op and lunch, we played a fun game and taught our third English class. Afterwards, we had an awesome dinner! We had pizza!! It was really good, as it reminded us of American food.

Overall, today was a good day. Tomorrow should be fun, it’s a free day! (…and laundry day.)