Hey y’all! Back at it again with the blog- today we learned about the services we can provide to the communities, such as the difference between aid and development, and how that relates to our CAP project, and more!

We started the day with a 7:00 am wake up call bringing us back to our usual beat. However, we had to ease ourselves by having a calmer schedule than planned. With the groggy weather and sluggish environment we asked for our speaker, Maria Quesada, to come to our hotel instead. Her enthusiastic and passionate attitude made us energetic for the rest of the presentation, as she explained her struggles enduring Hurricane David. As Maria spoke of her resilience through her childhood, she inspired all of us to stay strong through difficulties. Her strong voice and compassion allowed us to have an insight of her philanthropic nature in Constanza.

We quickly crossed the street to a small community center to gain an in depth perspective of aid and development. Alyssa, our GG leader’s wife, opened the floor with an interactive activity called the human knot. This competitive game demonstrated how aid and development functions through the use of communication and strategy.  Shortly after, we held a thorough discussion contrasting aid and development. We learned how aid is a temporary relief from an outside source, while development is a long term relief from an inside source. With that information, we understood the balance needed to maintain to create a sustainable relief plan from an outside source to our neighboring community, Rio Grande.

During our CAP meeting, we used previous knowledge to decide on what to create for Rio Grande. We decided to build a recreational park for the community of Rio Grande; we divided into different committees to work on multiple aspects of the project. Additionally, we were finally able to exercise our leadership and independence by exploring the town of Constanza on our own. This marks the halfway point of our trip; we are growing into stronger individuals taking on new responsibilities as global citizens.