Hey everyone! My name is Lynda and today I was the leader of the day. Today’s theme was Aid and Development. We had visitors come and talk to us from Peace Corps which is an international volunteer organization founded by John F. Kennedy in 1961. They explained to us what Peace Corps is, its impact, and what they do in the communities they serve here in the Dominican Republic. Peace Corps sends volunteers from the United States to over 160 countries all around the world. These volunteers emerge themselves in the community for about 27 months. During this time they learn the culture and customs of the community. They also learn the needs of the community while working on projects in education, community economic development, health, education, and youth development. Our speakers work in youth development, working in schools teaching sexual education, life skills, and personal development.


After we had lunch with our visitors, we began to design the Community Action Project (CAP) for our partnering community, Guanito. We used the tips that were given to us from our Peace Corp visitors and made a list of five different ideas to present to the community leaders tomorrow. We started to plan sustainable projects that were said to be top priority for the Guanito community. After our CAP planning, we played card games and began to work on our lesson plans for tomorrow’s English tutoring session. We concluded the day with dinner and the nightly meeting where I passed the sash to Kourtney and Fernando; stay tuned to see what we’ll do tomorrow!