Hola Familia!

Today’s leaders are Raina Japay and Sonam Yangzom!

The theme of the day was Aid and Development, in which we enjoyed learning about different forms of international foreign aid. First we went to Ministerio de Inclusión Económica y Social or Economic and Social Inclusion Ministry (MIES). Their goal is to help socially vulnerable groups both mentally and financially. Something amazing also happened, the group got to meet and play with a lot of toddlers (See photos below!). This was by far everyone’s favorite activity and we were not ready to leave the kids.

Afterwards we went to Betesda, which is a Foundation of Social and Familial Assistance. There we personally spoke to the owners and volunteers about their purpose and experience in life. Then the Betesda volunteers, David and Laura, gave us a Zumba lesson! We had a great time and were exhausted, however many Glimpsers are planning to go back on their free day.


And as a bonus, it was Eunice’s birthday today! We successfully surprised her!!

Tomorrow is our Fun Day, be on the lookout! Love you lots from Sonam and Raina!!