Hello! My name is Daniel and today I was the leader of the day. The focus of the day was Aid and Development and throughout the day we explored what was being done here in Nicaragua. This morning some people woke at 6:00 to either go to the gym or go for a run.  Then at 7:00 the rest of the group woke up for a delicious breakfast that was made better by the even better juice.  Shortly after breakfast, we went on a field trip to Chacraseca which is a rural community about thirty minutes outside of Leon.  We first met with three ladies who taught us about the I Have a Dream program whose goal is to assist 32 kids all of the way through college.  Afterwards, we met some locals who had set up their own business selling bags made from recycled materials.   From there we ventured to the Peace House at which we went on a thought provoking journey through a labyrinth.  Then we drove back home in the party bus and ate lunch.  After a quick game of animals sounds we were pumped and ready for a very interesting guest speaker.  With her we did an activity in which she asked questions such as “Is it your moral obligation to help people in need if you have the means to do so?”  After some very heated debates we had an hour and a half of free time.  Some kids went for ice cream and others went over to the internet cafe.  When we came back we had a nice dinner of Carasucia or dirty face in English. An hour later we got some time to create lesson plans for our English class which followed shortly after.  Then we returned to the hostel to have the nightly meeting and the end the day with some free time to do as we please.  Overall today was a fun and enlightening day!

Buenas Noches,