This morning the group woke up at 8:00 am. This was very pleasant for everyone because the morning before we had to wake up at 7:00. Getting everyone up and ready out the door by 8:45 wasn’t hard at all. I was very proud of the group for doing this because that was something we had decided to work on. At breakfast we had Gallo pinto, fried cheese, and papaya, we were also seated at tables by our horoscope signs. We do this so we don’t fall into a comfort zone, since the idea is to step out of it if we do have one.

After breakfast we had an academic seminar. During our academic seminar we were split into two groups. Each group was given either a positive or negative example on international aid, then we had to create a scene with it and act it out. Both groups did an amazing job. After our seminar and energizer, which was hot potato, we had a guest speaker. Our guest speaker was from an organization named Raleigh international. He gave us some ideas so we could figure out what we want to do for our CAP (Community Action Project). After his speech we played another energizer, named ninja, and invited him to have lunch with us. For lunch we were seated at tables with people who shared the same favorite color as us.

After lunch we tool a fifteen minute ride to a small community named “Los Pocitos”. In this community we are planning to do our CAP. This community is very poor, they have low water resources, and their soil is not fertile due to big corporations planting peanuts, and contaminating both the water and soil with pesticides and chemicals. They also have a huge problem with trash. We haven’t decided yet how exactly we are going to help this community, but we are all very excited to help. While leaving Los Pocitos, the baseball team in Leon, tied their game. Therefore we drove into a mini parade. Everyone was cheering and blowing horns to celebrate. The crowd got a little rowdy at times and were extremely loud. But overall it was nice to see what great pride these people had.

After getting through the people we stopped and ate dinner. For dinner we had a Nicaraguan national dish, which was tamales. After we finished eating our dinner we had to walk in the rain. This was probably what I liked the most about the day. It was extremely fun watching everyone having fun and laughing in the rain. When we got inside we had our money exchange and ended the night with our nightly meeting and with a new leader of the day. But to sum up the whole day, we all had an amazing time. And to the parents reading this, we do see the comments and read them every night so keep posting.