Hello from Alexa Gonzales, the first Lider del Dia!

Today’s focus was sustainability. On our trip to meet our first partner of the day, Maria Quezada, we listened to a wonderful TED talk about how we can truly help the community: when working with others, we have to make sure communication is our main focus and we have to make it aware in our minds that we are doing it to make their community more sustainable, not just do something that’s short term. Maria is a very inspiring women who opened our eyes to the importance of saving money to benefit the Chorro Community in the long run.

Maria’s foundation “Maria’s Kids” has made such an amazing impact on the community and given everyone a new perspective on how to live their daily lives, from the adults all the way to the children.

After meeting Maria, we headed back to the hotel to have a gender and development activity. This was crucial to expose us to how growing up in the United States has made us have our own opinions, which is okay, but we should be careful with our words so we don’t offend anyone. Then we had time to prepare for our first English tutoring class! Everyone was very anxious before we arrived at the school, but after the first lesson, everyone was filled with joy because the classes went so well. All the Glimpsers are very excited for the next lesson.

Finally to end our night, we had a wonderful self-reflection to show our fellow Glimpsers objects that were significant to us, this was a perfect way to end our night. Everyday we learn more and more about each other, making us a stronger family. Best wishes from Constanza 🙂