Hello Global Glimpse Families and Friends, my name is Henry and I was the leader of the day today. Being leader of the day was not much of a hassle as I thought it would be, I tried my best to be on top of the schedule and helping out the Global Glimpse Leaders with the students whenever we crossed a street. I really enjoyed having a different point of view on my day today since I got to manage some responsibilities and it was really interesting seeing how other people reacted me and treated me differently, like with more respect.  We learned about the Foundation Betesda which focuses on helping teens with drug or alcoholic problems and even with people that have been sexually abused. Learning about all the things that volunteers do in order to help out the community and not even getting payed for it is really amazing and it makes me see how there are really some amazing people out there. The volunteers gave us a boxing/dancing class which they told us helps with cardio and is called zumba. I really enjoyed this class since I got to have fun while exercising and dancing with all my peers. I feel the people and volunteers I met inspired me to do more to help my community back at home and made me realize that you don’t always have to work for money, but also just to help people that need help.

We also teached our second day of English class and it went really well, I feel that after we all met our students it was really easier to teach the class we had planned. Additionally we started discussing about projects we could do for the FAE school we went to before and what things we could do to help out the school. We divided into different groups and some people started planning out some of the ideas for murals and others started doing a budget about the things we were able to accomplish in the time we have left.

We are all having fun so don’t worry families,

Sincerely, Henry.